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      Fortified Procaine Benzylpenicillin Sterile

      CAS number: 54-35-3

      Molecular formula:

      molecular weight:

      Chemical structure:


      Product Name
      Fortified Procaine Benzylpenicillin Sterile
      Shelf life 3 years
      Specification Result
      Identificaion meet the requirements Complies
      Content of water ≤3.5% 2.7%
      Content of total penicillins 60%-74% 66.1%
      Content of procaine
      36.0%-44.0% 40.7%
      Related substance

      -4-aminobenzoic acid ≤0.024% 0.0013%
      -other impurity ≤1% 0.14%
      Bacterial endotoxins less than 0.01IU/mg
      Sterility Meet the requirements Complies
      Conclusion It conforms to BP2000