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      Ceftiofur Sodium

      CAS number: 104010-37-9

      Molecular formula: C19H16N5NaO7S3

      molecular weight: 545.5444

      Chemical structure:


      Product  Name
      Ceftiofur Sodium sterile
      Shelf Life
      2 years   
      Analysis Test
      white to grayish yellow powder Light yellow powder
      Identification Retention time of major peak correspond to standard Correspond to standard
      It shows the identification of sodium Conforms
      Clarity of solution Clarify or not more intensely prononuced than reference suspension 1#
      Colour of solution Colourless or not more intensely colored than reference solution Y9 or O9 7
      pH 5.5~7.5 7.2
      Water ≤3.0% 2.1%
      Loss on drying ≤6.0% 4.9%
      Cefotaxime ≤2.0% 0.2%
      Related substance
       Total Related Substances ≤5.0% 0.9%
      Assay(on dried basis) Calculate the content of ceftiofur with respect to the peak area obtained in the chromatogram by the external standard method ≥85.0% 92.8%
      Purity Ceftiofur sodium≥95.0% 99.1%
      Bacterial endotoxins ≤0.2EU/mg Conforms
      Sterility Conforms Conforms