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      Ciprofloxacin Lactate

      CAS number: 97867-33-9

      Molecular formula:

      molecular weight:

      Chemical structure:


      Ciprofloxacin   Lactate
      Shelf Life
      4 years
      Acceptance Criteria Results
      Almost white or pale yellow crystalline powder
      Almost odorless,bitter Conforms
       Hardly solube in petroleum ether, acetic ether,alcohol;very slightly solube in methnol;freely solube in water.
      Identification tests
      -1  A solution of 8μg/ml in hydrochloric acid exhibits absorption max. at 277nm Conforms
      -2 Orange red precipitate is formed. Conforms
      -3 The IR spectrum conforms to that of the reference standard. Conforms
      A solution of it responds to the tests for lactate. Conforms
      pH) 4.5~5.5 5
      Clarity of solution 10  mg/ml  aqueous  solution  is  clear  and colorless. clear and colorless
      Color of solution The absorbance should be not more than 0.05. 0.032
      Related substances (0.5%)any single impurity≤0.5% 0.08%
      (1.0%)the sum of total impurities≤1.0% 0.16%
      Residual solvents  0.5% Ethanol≤0.5% 0.008%
      Fluorine ≥4.3% 4.4%
      Loss on drying ≤6.5% 4.8%
      Residue on ignition ≤0.1% <0.01%< td="">
      Heavy metals ≤20ppm Conforms
      Assay (non-aqueous titration)  (C17H18FN3O3. C3H6O3, on the dried basis)  ≥98.5% 99.5%