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      Vitamin D3 100,000IU Food Grade

      CAS number: 67-97-0

      Molecular formula:

      molecular weight:

      Chemical structure:


      Name of Product:
      Vitamin D3 100,000IU Food Grade
      Shelf Life:
      2 years
      Test Items
      Specification Results of Analysis
      Appearance Off-white to slightly yellowish free flowing particles.
      Identification (HPLC) The reaction time of the Vitamin D3 peak obtained on the chromatogram from the sample assay corresponds to the average retention time of the standard peak. Conformed
      Loss on Drying (105℃, 4hours) Max 6.0%
      Particle Size Not less than 85% through U.S. standard sieve No.40 (425μm) 89.9%
      As Max 1 ppm Conformed
      Heavy metal (Pb) Max 20 ppm Conformed
      Assay (HPLC) Not less than 100,000IU/G 109,000IU/G
      This batch meets the specification of QS(B)-011-01